10 must-haves from Flying Tiger this month to update homes, all under £15

10 must-haves from Flying Tiger this month to update homes, all under £15

Who hungers January sales when you have Flying Tiger ?!

Budgeting after overspending at Christmas ?! But still affection store? This month am talking about savvy shop. Thanks to marvelous new Flying Tiger cushions, shelving groups and enamel bins we can get our supermarket prepare, inform our homes and stay within a’ January appropriate’ fund!

Not doing cool January? The Asda G& amp; Tea mounted that’s perfect for gin lovers( and the tea potty has already sold out online )~ ATAGEND

January can feel a bit glum- the sparkly trees are down, the tan food is all gone and there’s an overwhelming urge to give up booze( each to their own we say !). Why is is always about less ?! We say lending any breezy supplement to our homes is worthwhile- especially ones that are decorative, helpful and absolutely economical!

New in this month at Flying Tiger 1. Galaxy cushion

Flying Tiger cushions

Instantly modernize a sofa, armchair or bunk with an inexpensive cushion. This quirky cushion boasts a galaxy portrait adorning a vinyl atop a turntable. With the popularity of turntables rising in recent years, this design is sure to be a big hit!

In accumulates now: Galaxy Cushion, PS8, Flying Tiger

2. Rocket shelves

Flying Tiger candles and shelving

How luminous are these ?? Spawn a child’s room out of this world with this fun rocket-shaped shelving unit. Also offered in off-color, these shelves are perfect to keep a young astronauts bedroom in order.

In places now: Rocket Corner Shelf, PS12, Flying Tiger

3. Wall Shelf

Flying Tiger cushions and accessories

One for the grown-ups. The simple powder-coated pink shelves are standard for any apartment in the members of this house. Perfect in the lavatory for knockout commodities; the kitchen for herbs and spices or the hallway for fragments and bobs. For that rate, we’d be allured to get one for every chamber!

In accumulates now: Wall Shelf, PS15, Flying Tiger

4. Pretty flower pan

Flying Tiger cushions and plant pots

Give a bush a quite home in this stupendous hoofed flora cup. How could this fail to brighten up any chamber? All for exactly PS5.

In stores now: Embed Pot, PS5, Flying Tiger

5. Delightful dustbin

Flying Tiger cushions and accessories

Give your kitchen a colourful touch with this stylish bucket. In a delectable up-lifting shade of off-color, it articulates a whole new positive spin on’ January blues’.

In stores now: Dustbin, PS8, Flying Tiger

6. Star glowings

Flying Tiger cushions and accessories

The joyful lightings may be down but we say there is always area for a cord of decorative imp glowings. These battery powered lights are ideal to light up dark January nights.

In storages now: Star Lights Flying Tiger

7. Ceramic teapot

Flying Tiger cushions and accessories

If you are braving dry January treat yourself to a trendy teapot. This black ceramic cup is time the thing to obligate your cuppa feel a bit more chic.

In storages now: Black Ceramic Teapot, PS10, Flying Tiger

8. Family planner

Flying Tiger cushions and accessories

Make this the year of huge organisation. This monthly lineage planner will have your journals synced in no time.

In places now: Family Planner, PS3, Flying Tiger

9. Storage baskets

Flying tiger

Speaking of is becoming more organised- simple storage baskets are the way to keep dwellings examining nifty and orderly. Pop all those additional toys from Christmas in an handsome weave basket and ta-da, residences look instantly tidier.

In accumulations now: Set of four Baskets, PS12, Flying Tiger

10. Candle incumbents

Flying Tiger

It’s the month for staying in- contemplate Hygge! Create a cosy departure fitted with ambient candlelight. Flying Tiger candle tolls rival that of Ikea, forming it a great sit to honcho to stock up for dark wintertime months.

In stores now: Candle Light owners, PS2, Flying Tiger

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We’re off to our regional Flying Tiger accumulation now to treat our HQ to some joyful buys:)

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