Everything you need to know about marble worktops, including Carrara marble

Everything you need to know about marble worktops, including Carrara marble

Work a bit indulgence into your kitchen with a statement-making marble worktop

Classic white-hot marble is one of the more popular choices for worktops right now. Just scroll through Pinterest and you’ll see it trending in shot after shot with sparkling white marble surfaces showcased in every mode of kitchen, from usual to uber modern.

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Marble has a luminosity, brightness and smoothness to the touch that sets it apart from other natural stones. A metamorphic rock-and-roll, modelled when sediment crystallises under heat or pressure to words hard rock, marble is a formation of limestone, the whiter the marble, the purer the limestone.

Here’s everything( else) you need to know about marble worktops and their faux equivalents.

Why is marble a good textile for a worktop? Marble-worktops-5

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Because it is porous, marble is a inadequate conductor of hot, so stays cool to the touching. Pastry chefs affection it because the cool skin-deep is huge for use dough- the marble absorb hot, so the dough doesn’t overheat.

Does marble stain readily?

Its porosity is one of the downsides of marble, fixing it prone to staining. Liquids like red wine and oil will seep late into the boulder and was hard to got to get out. Concoctions like Lithofin can shape marble more petroleum and irrigate resistant but won’t shut it entirely. It’s also easily damaged by acidic liquids, like lemon juice or vinegar, which leave a gloomy, pitted surface.

Does marble scratching readily? Marble-worktops-3

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Because marble is soft in comparison to granite, it is prone to scrapings. Nonetheless, over experience it are generating its unique patina, so is a great select if you can overlook the imperfections.

What types of finishes are available? Marble-worktops-2

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When it comes to worktops, the committee is two main types. Sharpened, which is created by sanding the surface to pass a soft, matte finish, which won’t present scratches so easily, but because holes are more exposed is more susceptible to staining.

Polished marble has a highly pondering, silky surface which registers off the vibrancy of the stone and fights moisture better, so its less likely to stain, but will scratch more easily.

Where should I buy a marble worktop?

The Marble Workshop respects itself on its thorough scope. View what’s in stock online or drop in to the showroom. Stone Age can offer help and suggestion when choosing a marble and skilled masons that can cause a bespoke worktop.

Gerald Culliford import marble from around the world and can help identify and source it if you’re after a particular type of marble.

How much is a marble worktop? Marble-worktops-4

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Carrara marble( from the Carrara region in Italy) is one of the more readily available worktop materials and one of the least expensive due to its somewhat grey feeling and feathery veins.

Expect to pay more for rarer, indulgence smorgasbords such as Calacatta or Statuario, with their brighter lily-white colourings and more pronounced veining. Nonetheless, the average rate is around PS300 per square metre.

How do I look after a marble worktop? Marble-worktops

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Marble worktops should be shut professionally when firstly installed and then every six months or so, though this doesn’t obligation terminated shield, so spills should be mopped up straight away, peculiarly anything acidic. Clean marble exerting hot soapy ocean and a soft cloth, buffing cool to avoid irrigate marks.

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Avoid abrasive leeches and lemon-scented detergents which can be acidic- go for a pH neutral clean like Lakeland’s Daily Granite& Marble Surface Cleaner spray.

Buy now: Daily Granite& Marble Surface Cleaner spraying, PS8. 99 per 946 ml, Lakeland

And if you’re looking for a final reason to choose marble?’ A beautiful natural cloth, marble comes in an infinite straddle of colours, distinguishes and veinings ,’ says Gary Walters, Managing Director, Stone Age.’ No slouse is the same as the next.’

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