How to: Cover up unsightly cam nuts on IKEA furniture

How to: Cover up unsightly cam nuts on IKEA furniture

I’m startled IKEA do not supply includes for their cam nuts. The Minifix cams look awful on bedroom furniture in my opinion.

The cam nut blankets improve the appearance for very little endeavor. It’s these little detail that customers appreciate.

This is how the cam nut inspects before

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IKEA parts:

PAX Frames, hinged doors, shelves and supplements.

Part worked:

Hafele Minifix Cam Covers Oak( 045.26.400)

How to cover up cam seeds

Very easy, make sure cams are clean and free of dust. The clothes are self-adhesive. Be careful to center the mask and when using lumber shades, ensure grain counseling matches.


And how much clean it looks after

A pack of 36 plasters expenditure about PS8. 00.( Found same on Amazon .)

Here’s a side by side comparison.

~ by Geoff

Shop for shaft and cam envelops

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