Peter Andre’s House is on sale – it’s had more than a 60 minute makeover!



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The modern detached home in Brighton is on sale for PS2. 25 million.

Jazz crooner Peter Andre comes in here a long way in the style posts from his 90 s’ pop daylights, and we’re curious to see how his now more paired down review translates to his former home.

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The six-bed, four-bath home is located in one of Hove’s most prestigious residential areas and is within easy reach of the town’s browses, prohibits and eateries. It’s also time a short drive from the South Downs National Park- standard for followers of the great outdoors.

Let’s throw open the doors and see what’s inside…

Exterior Peter Andre House

Image credit: Hamptons

A feature glass-walled foyer acts as the stylish admission to this magnificent dwelling. Differentiating exterior draw tints cleverly help to demarcate the lower and upper floors.

Living room Peter Andre House

Image credit: Hamptons

The 32 ft L-shaped sitting room offers enough space for both relaxing and entertaining.

Peter Andre House

Image credit: Hamptons

The astonishing primary glass Cheminees Philippe helps to anchor the two sides of the cavity. Sliding glass doorways lead out to a well kept garden.

Kitchen Peter Andre House

image credit: Hamptons

The 30 ft kitchen features modern mahogany gloss cabinets and chic granite worktops, which flows through to the primary kitchen island. The big Britannia range oven is perfect for foodies who love experimenting with the latest recipes. Integrated Neff appliances include a fridge/ freezer, coffee maker and a microwave.

Peter Andre House

image credit: Hamptons

The dining room continues the gloss mahogany look.

Bar Peter Andre House

image credit: Hamptons

Just off the living room is a separate Cognac room- because what celeb residence would be complete without one? Peculiarity a humid prohibit with gloss boards, glass storage and a sag. We’re adoring the Audrey Hepburn print on the wall too- and we definitely visualize the film and style icon would have approved of this set up.

Bedroom Peter Andre House

image credit: Hamptons

Built-in coffee-coloured clothes furnish all the storage you need, while a recessed space sphere is the perfect recognize to look out onto the startling vistums over Brighton.

Peter Andre House

image credit: Hamptons

The prime lavatory has a comfort spa feel – perfect for some indulgent pampering.

Garden Peter Andre House

image credit: Hamptons

Manicured lawns and a selection of topiary make this outdoor place a calm and collected infinite to spend time in.

The house is currently on the market with operators Hamptons, with an asking price of PS2. 25 million.

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What’s your favourite room?

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